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About Pizza Boccone | A Flagship Restuarant

Pizza Boccone is brought to you by award winning chef, and author, Opel Khan and his wife Julie Khan. They are joined by, Samuele Lauretti, a world ranking pizza chef from Italy.

We are committed to bringing you an authentic Italian pizza experience that will leave you wanting for more. Our crust is delicately crispy with just the right amount of chew. We nurchur our dough for three days letting it prove to perfection. Our flour is Italy's finest. Our mozzarella is creamy. Our ingredients are fresh. Making all of our handmade pizza's individual labours of love.

Our goal is to provide a flawless casual dining for the whole family. All of our pasta and dough is made in-house by hand with the utmost care and served with the best ingredients money can buy.

Pizza Boccone is a part of the Metisse Group, a collection of restaurants owned and operated by Opel Khan. The flagship restaurant, also called Metisse, is a modern French fine dining establishment in Potts Point. Metisse Group also operates a classic fish and chips shop in Potts Point called Fish Crossing.

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